Viva Trucking

Viva Trucking

Voiceover for Viva Trucking event announcement video.

Angelic Packaging

Angelic Packaging (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.

Voiceover for Angelic Packaging (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. company video.

Dark Side

Dark Side - Youtube Channel

Voiceovers for Darkside Youtube Channel.

Samkee Automotive

Samkee Automotive

Voiceover for Samkee Automotive Company Story for Website/Investors.

Must Have Maintenance

Voiceover for Must Have Maintenance.

Provided the voiceover for marketing videos for Must Have Maintenance.

Must Have Maintenance aim to take the headache out of property maintenance by delivering regular and ongoing services on your lawn and gardens so that they look in perfect condition all year round!


Voiceover for ProInfoDig (PID)

Provided voiceovers for product information digital videos for ProInfoDig.

A highly efficient content film company based in Melbourne and with years of experience in producing films for a niche in the market effectively producing films for products that are no frills but contain the exact message their clients manual discuss.