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Audiobook Voice Over

With an audiobook, a listener can multitask. This is the key attraction for so many readers in as it allows for the consumption of a book while driving, commuting, playing a game, knitting or even at work. Audiobooks are now a multi-billion dollar industry and it is estimated that one in ten readers are now [...]

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Documentary Voice Over

Documentaries have several components that make them compelling. Story and visuals are important, but strong narration is what holds everything in place. Having the correct voice to covey the right tone and story is a critical part of documentary making.

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eLearning Voice Over

eLearning helps solve the problem of having to spend a lot to teach a curriculum or train employees by providing a course that can be accessed at anytime, anywhere. The effectiveness of the chosen voice for eLearning is critical to the success of the eLearning course.

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Explainer Video Voice Over

Explainer videos are a great way for your business to show and tell potential customers what you do and how you do it.  They are usually animated and have VO explaining your business, product or service. Explainer videos work great as marketing material as it is like an ad that customers choose to watch. They [...]

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